Able Environmental Drilling, LLC

Auger/core and geo-tech drilling, Remediation Installation and Removal, and Water Well pump repair

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle"

    Able Environmental Drilling began operating in December 2007.  We currently have two CME-75 Auger Rigs operated by three environmental drillers, all licensed in Oklahoma and Arkansas.  All our drillers and driller assistants are 40-hour Hazwoper and CPR/First Aid trained.  Our rigs have auto hammers, along with air drilling and angle drilling capability.  We have a Warren CAT skid-steer and a DKR10 to facilitate drilling under low clearance obstacles.

    Our company has established a reputation for quality and efficiency in completing every project.  We will be happy to talk with you about how you can utilize our services on any job, large or small.  You will find our bids are competitive in all areas, regardless of job location.


Kodi Roberts

Ofc -  405-265-1768
Mbl -  405-708-0919
Eric Haley
"Big E"
Senior Drill Srgt.

Mbl - 405-204-1054
Kris Tillman
Light bulb changer

Katie ValBracht
"Pirate Kate"
Office Manager

Mbl - 405-824-0340

Eric Nicolosi
Private First Class

Mbl - 405-370-8205
Dominic Johnson
Private First Class

Mbl - 626-7971
Roy Sylvester
"Roy Toy"
Senior Drill Srgt.

Mbl - 405-702-3057
Ben Cooley
Private First Class

Mbl - 405-702-3012
Quintez Wells
Private First Class

Mbl - 405-635-7177